Driving success of your end-to-end journey through our pillars of:


What does being an end-to-end CX solution provider mean? For me, it’s about having the knowledge to address all aspects of your customer experience — from transformation planning to orchestration. It’s about understanding how things like journey mapping and technology work together — and how to make them work for your business and customers.

Having a strong online presence can truly be a make or break for any business. The website is the gateway, door, and welcome mat of a business. It should educate the consumer and elicit emotion. It is the very first impression that will be made on the consumer and can determine with certainty whether the consumer will continue engagement.

I build targeted solutions that generate customers and ultimately increase sales.

Managing customer relationships, or relationships with partners and vendors, can be difficult. How can you make it easier to manage information related to these relationships? How can this information be used to foster deeper relationships? Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, solutions make it easy to manage and use important information related to each relationship.

360 Customer Profile
To create the foundation for a lasting relationship with your customers, you must develop a comprehensive knowledge of their personality, needs, preferences and past interactions with your brand. How can you build a truly comprehensive profile of your customers? By gathering all systems of data capture into a single point of reference, you can build this crucial 360-degree view of customers.

Customer Service Optimization
Customer service goes far beyond the support you offer your customers when they encounter issues. Truly effective customer service includes proactive outreach, self-help empowerment, and a concentrated effort to make it easy for your customer to do business with you. How can you develop and maintain a comprehensive customer service program? By harnessing the power and functionality of CRM, you can provide the holistic service your customers expect and deserve.

Sales Process Optimization
To be successful, your sales process must be meaningful, impactful and engaging to your prospective customer. Unfortunately, in today’s ever-connected world, creating truly impactful sales interactions is more difficult than ever before. How can you develop a truly effective sales process that stands out amongst the crowd? Effectively utilizing CRM to capture and leverage customer and prospect data is the key.

Marketing Optimization
Build more rewarding business relationships when you create personalized seamless experiences that increase lead generation, strengthen your marketing capabilities, and expand your sales opportunities

Orchestrate Customer Journeys
Easily orchestrate personalized multi-channel journeys that deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel to create rewarding relationships.

To deliver the most effective experiences, you must possess an intimate knowledge of your customers AND your own organization. How can you develop the comprehensive knowledge needed to drive effective customer experience? True understanding requires a comprehensive approach to customer experience research.

Voice of the Customer
Customer Experience is all about meeting the expectations and needs of your customers and delivering the products or services they want. How can you gauge the effectiveness of your CX efforts from that all-important customer perspective? Implementing a Voice of the Customer program can help.

Customer Persona Development
Your customers have different expectations and preferences when interacting with your brand. How can you design experiences to meet these different expectations or preferences? Developing robust customer personas will help you design experiences with each group of customers in mind.

Voice of the Employee
Your employees possess invaluable insight into your customers, including their general needs, preferences and common pain points they experience. How can you empower employees to share this useful information? Developing an official Voice of the Employee program is a great place to start.

Visual representations of your customer’s current state experience are often the most effective method of informing your entire organization on the current state of your Customer Experience delivery. How can you share such a view throughout your organization? Building a current state Journey Map with a cross functional team and aligning on the most important pain points on the journey is an important step.

Customer Journey Mapping
In order to deliver quality experiences, it is important to fully understand the paths your customers take to interact with your business. How can you chart these customer pathways? Journey mapping is a critical first step.

Understanding your customers’ expectations and meeting them are two completely different things. How can you design experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of your customers? Designing experiences with your customers in mind is vital.

Customer Experience Innovation
As your customers’ expectations continue to evolve, it’s vital to develop new and innovative ways to deliver effective experiences. How can you adapt to meet the changing needs of your customers? Driving CX innovation using a design thinking approach is often the best strategy.

Future State Customer Journey Mapping
Effectively transforming customer journeys requires a clear plan of action. How can you clearly define the journey you wish to create? A future state journey map provides a visual representation of your end goals.

Effective Customer Experience delivery requires a number of tools, processes and teams working in harmony. Without careful orchestration, your overall CX efforts may fall short of your planned strategy. What steps can you take to ensure the effective delivery of customer experiences? Prioritize and implement clearly defined roles, processes and tools to support all facets of CX delivery.

Defining CX Governance
Customer Experience programs are not sustainable unless there is a comprehensive governance plan in place. How can you define CX governance for your organization? Begin by setting definable goals and establishing clear roles and responsibilities.

Establish CX Project Work Teams
Effective CX programs require ongoing maintenance and support, as well as the completion of specific tasks or processes. How can you ensure your organization has the talent and resources to maintain your CX program? Establishing an official CX work team can help.

Capabilities Planning
Delivering, tracking and measuring effective customer experiences requires talented people, effective technology and efficient processes. How can you ensure your organization has the capabilities to deliver the experiences your customers deserve? Maximizing your organization’s CX capabilities takes careful planning.

Capabilities Assessment
During the CX design process, it can be helpful to consider your current technology and skill sets. How can you set a baseline of your current capabilities? A thorough and objective capabilities assessment can help.

Capabilities Enhancements
Implementing new or improved customer experiences may require capabilities that your organization does not possess. How can you implement these new capabilities with minimal cost and disruption? Thorough understanding of your requirements and careful planning are critical.

CX Improvement Roadmap
Most customer journeys cut across multiple departments within an organization. With multiple functional areas and skill sets involved, how can you effect CX improvements? Developing and maintaining a Customer Experience improvement road map is critical.

The cloud offers significant potential to modern businesses who know how to leverage it. What is the cloud, and how can you put it to use for your organization? Seizing the full benefit of cloud-based solutions requires a knowledge of the technologies and processes involved, and a clearly defined plan of action.

Cloud Technology Adoption
Cloud technologies continue to grow in power, stability and popularity. Cloud solutions are helping businesses run leaner, more efficiently and more effectively. How can you make the most of the cloud to transform your operations? Impactful cloud adoption requires a comprehensive strategy, both short and long-term.

Managed Services
Enterprise-level technology solutions often require regular maintenance, updates and attention – all of which cost time, money and talent. How can you maintain consistent operation of your critical solutions, without the significant costs of a dedicated internal support team? The Managed Services model may be the answer.

Your contact center serves as one of the main points of interaction between your business and your customers. How can you ensure that your customers enjoy a quality interaction every time they connect with your contact center? Effective technology, well-trained and empowered agents, and clear processes are critical to the success of individual interactions and your contact center as a whole.

Contact Center Support
The complex nature of modern contact center platforms can make them difficult to manage, especially for organizations with limited IT staff and budget. How can you overcome the daily challenges of maintaining and optimizing your contact center technology? A contact center support provider can help.

Contact Center Deployment
Deploying a new contact center solution is a complex process involving countless details and multiple departments. How can you manage your contact center deployment and avoid unnecessary delays or costs? The support of a contact center deployment solutions provider can streamline the process.

Cloud Contact Center
Moving your contact center to the cloud offers a number of benefits, both financially and logistically. How can you ensure getting the maximum benefit from your cloud contact center adoption? Partnering with an experienced cloud contact center solution provider can help.

IVR Modernization
Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, has the potential to streamline customer interactions. How can you use IVR technology to improve your customers’ experiences with your contact center? A fully-developed strategy can make all the difference.

Employee productivity and efficiency have a direct impact on the success of your organization, and the satisfaction of your customers. How can you help your employees do their jobs more efficiently and get more enjoyment from their work? Implementing specific technology tools and best practices – and training employees to use them – will go a long way toward increasing productivity and morale.

Business Process Modernization
Routine processes like data entry or file management are an unavoidable – and often costly – part of doing business. How can you limit the time and money that routine processes cost your business? Solutions like PowerApps and Flow from Microsoft, make it possible to automate these tasks.

Business Applications
Modern Business Applications offers a wealth of powerful applications for productivity, collaboration, process management and more. How can you leverage this power to drive your organization forward? With careful planning and effective utilization, they can change the way you do business.

Workplace Transformation
Employee expectations of their employers are vastly different from those of the past. Today, employees expect access to the tools and technology needed to communicate and collaborate, manage tasks and complete projects quickly and efficiently. How can you transform your business into the modern workplace your employees desire? Strategic planning, careful execution and a commitment to innovation are key.